Relocation for Revelation

The Concise English dictionary defines Relocation as an act of changing one’s location, residence or place to a new location, residence or place while ‘Revelation’ is an enlightening or astonishing disclosure.
Relocation for revelation in this context is simply referred to as moving apart, seperating or distincting oneself in order to receive an enlightening, surprising or astonishing disclosure. It is worthy of note that seperation here does not means isolation.
In our world today, they are locations, environments, places or residence that do not encourage the receipt of revelation thereby posing a hindrance, which until one moves away from such, revelation will be impossible. People are suffering today because they see no need for relocation.
Jesus seperated himself from his location by moving out of the waters and at once the heavens torn opens (Matt.3:16; Mk.1:10).
Daniel in the scriptures was another man who seperated himself, and secret things were revealed to him which did not only save him but his generation ( Daniel 2 vs 16-22).
Any man who wants open heavens must move our of his present location. This is because right living and right standing with God, with iniquity and lawlessness has no partnership just as light has no fellowship with darkness.
“Come out from among and seperate yourselves from them, says the Lord and touch not any unclean things then I will receive you kindly and treat you with favor”(2Cor.6:17).
He that is ready for the Master’s use must leave his comfort zone. He must be ready to take his cross daily following the Master and not friends or the multitude (Lk.9:23-27). There should be a place for seperation-distinction. Elisha followed Elijah, daily separating himself from other servants of his master and at the time his master was to be taken He received the mantle.
Untill you are ready to yield, you can’t receive or have revelation(s). It is an error for you to pass through life and you are not heard.
So friends, come out of the crowd and be heard, separate yourself, be distinct in your doings and have revelation(s).


3 Comments Add yours

  1. anonymous says:

    This article was helpful. Thankyou.

  2. Abraham says:

    Separation from the world is the surest way of reaching the father. Inspiring message there.

  3. Gentle star says:

    Oh God! Help me to separate myself and keep it wholely for you. Thank you.

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