God Accomplishes Everything

The following is a fable story. There was a rooster in a rich man’s house. One day, the rooster came upon an idea: ‘I woke up the workers early in the morning every day so that my master’s property would flourish, and helped them a lot by heralding each dawn so that they would go out to work at daybreak. Then, why does my master just give me things like wheat bran to eat?”
The next morning, too, the rooster cried cock-a-doodle-doo, and the day broke.
That day, the master wanted to feed the rooster something good, and gave him some delicious beans to eat. However, the rooster got rather angry with his master and said.
“Master, don’t you think you’re being too harsh on me? I’ve done so many things for you. Why don’t you recognize my efforts, and give me only uneatable stuff like this? If I do not crow, who will bring the dawn, and unless the dawn comes, who will wake up to work? It is all because of me that your house has thrived. I would bring the dawn by singing with my beautiful voice every day, and that’s why this family has prospered so much.”
The master returned without saying anything. In the middle of the night, when the rooster was sleeping on a pole, the master took a piece of cloth and string and wrapped it tightly around the rooster’s beak. The next morning, the master went to the rooster and said, “It’s so strange. You did not crow today, and how come the day has broken?”
The rooster was under the illusion that his crow brought the dawn every day. Likewise, we may have mistakenly thought that we ourselves have accomplished the gospel work to some degree. Does the rainy season come naturally if people just start wearing rain coat?
Not at all. It is God who brings the dawn, and it is also God who has set seasons, days and years and controls them.
Even if a rooster does not crow, the day breaks. The reason Zion has prospered as it is today is not because of our little shouting, but because God has been accomplishing the work of salvation according to His appointed times. As a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, so Mother gathers Her children together. In the process, we have been called earlier, and according to the mission of those called earlier, we are now just carrying out the spiritual errand of spreading the gospel and advancing the kingdom of God.
Humans try to judge things only in the categories they can see and feel, but God fulfills His providence in an invisible way. If we do not realize this fact, we are unable to turn away from a self-centered way of faith, so that we may commit the error of not adjusting to God”s will.