A New World- Believe It Or Not


Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away . . . See, I am making all things new.”
Revelation 21:1-6a

Do you believe this, or don’t you?
Do you believe that God is working–right now–to bring this world to its fulfillment, or don’t you? Look out your window. Do you believe that God is–right now–in the process of perfecting all that, or don’t you? Look down
at yourself. Do you, or don’t you, believe that God is–right now–perfecting the very self you’re looking at?
If not, fine. You’re certainly not alone, and there’s probably not much harm in living 2014 the same as you lived 2013.
But if you do believe that a new world is coming to pass, then you have your work–and your hope–cut out for you in 2014. It means it’s time to start practicing living like you’ve been made new, as if God has dressed your soul for
a wedding. Like God is living next door. Like every person you meet is being molded for glory, and just a split second from shining like the sun.

Start now. Pick one thing in the room, and imagine what that thing will be like when God’s done with it. Pick one person, and imagine that God is–right now–about to reveal the glory of heaven in her; treat her that way all day long.
Tomorrow, pick another, and the next day, another…and just see if a new world doesn’t emerge.

Come, God, come. Make your vision real in me.


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