Your God Will Not Let You Fall

Therefore you do not lack any
spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be
revealed. He will keep you strong
to the end, so that you will be
blameless on the day of our Lord
Jesus Christ. God, who has called
you into fellowship with his Son
Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful.
1 Corinthians 1:7-9

The scene has been played out in
countless movies and television
shows. Someone has fallen off the
edge of a cliff or tall building and is holding on for dear life to the hand of a person
above him. The tension builds as the person’s hand starts to slip and he shouts, “I can’t hold
on much longer!”
Christians sometimes feel this way about their faith. Challenges and tragedies have pummeled them to the point where they feel weak and
wonder if they might very well lose their connection to Christ. “I can’t hold on much longer!” they think. Perhaps you are feeling this
way today.
God’s Word has good news for you. Your connection to Christ does not depend on YOUR ability to hold on to HIM. HE is holding on to YOU. After all, he is the One who grabbed you out of the depths of sin and pulled you to himself in the first place. He called you to be his child and, like any loving parent, he loves you too much to let you go.
When you feel like you can’t hold on much longer, your loving Lord quietly, firmly and lovingly replies, “I can.”

Lord, you know how weak my faith often is.
You know how easily I doubt your Word and promises. I thank you that you have called me to be your child and ask that you grant me a
faith that is firm and unshakable. When I waver, hold me close. Keep me safe in your arms until
I am safely home with you. Amen.