Even ‘believers’ Are Also Deceived


Many believers ignorantly follow the rest of the world to celebrate ” Valentine” in an erroneous way. St Valentine was a Roman Catholic Priest executed on the 14th of February, 270 AD by a Roman Emperor because he encouraged marriages among soldiers who were prohibited by the Roman Authorities from marrying. Ready to accomplish the purpose of God for man, he secretly wedded the soldiers and encouraged those who wanted to marry to go ahead and live as husbands and wives.
He was used by God to fulfill His will for man in Matthew 19:5
For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they two shall be one flesh”.

He was martyred for fulfilling the mandate of God and died in an effort to prevent immorality among men and women. As a result of his righteous deed, 14th of every February, is set apart to remember him and not to encourage what he fought against and died for.
If he were to rise from death to see what is done by men and women in his remembrance, he, like the biblical Rachael, would weep and refuse to be comforted, because he travailed and died in vain.
Don’t be deceived!


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