About three months ago, I moved into a nice apartment, good finished work, nice painting and the environment was in a strategic location. I sighed a relieve because I knew I was going to have a good place to rest my head. Months later at night I sensed a movement in the room because I heard a sound of something crawling and as I looked and went closer behold it was a large long centipede. (Oh God) I was a bit frightened, I quickly reach out for an item to discard it, I went back to bed after doing so. When I woke up in the morning what I saw next was a crawling scorpion, I killed it. Within me I felt I have dealt with anything that will disturb my sleep at night.

Two weeks later as I sat to prepare my lesson note I saw another centipede and this time around it was like this was the giant of them all, I got so angry though I killed it, I started making plans for a change of residence should in case something funny like a poisonous bite happens. An idea came to me to buy and use insecticide, I did, in fact I bought two containers (lols). But you know none of those things worked because I kept killing these animals in my room from time to time and guess what? My body system was beginning to get use to the experience, every time I was approaching I knew I will see a centipede. To cut the story short, I decided I was no longer going to use insecticide and was no longer going to be angry or frighten, I was ready for anything one day as I sat down to plan my week, I just playfully turned my head towards the floor close to the entrance door when I saw a TINY hole and the end part of a centipede entering it, “wow” this is it (was what came out of my mouth) so I simply blocked the hole and later got it cemented. Hey that was the end of my nightmare. I never saw anything as such again in my apartment since then, sleep was sweet and complete. So it is in life.

Are there strange activities going on in your life? Something disturbing your peace? Finances? Academics? Health? Etc!! No need spending money contracting a “Prayerist” (smiles) you know what I mean. I call them the prayer contractors, be calm, sit down with the Holy Ghost, ask him to show you that one tiny hole in your life that needs to be BLOCKED and begin to study to know your authority as a believer. Some may you quitting gossiping,or you not having enough time to pray, study or doing what God has asked you to do. Or may be sleeping with somebody’s husband or wife or abusing somebody’s daughter, your own problem may be the company you keep or that particular friend in your life that you cannot do without, some might be some deadly habit, I don’t know but you know yourself.

The devil is not looking for an opened door to catch you, a tiny hole is just okay for him to crawl in like a centipede so he might disturb your life and destiny. Hey!! Its time to BLOCK IT. Will you?


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  1. Inyene says:

    So blessed by this article. Thanks.

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