The purpose of Praise and worship in church is not to mark time or extend the time for a guest speaker to arrive the church. It belongs to God. But you can exhort the congregation on the need to worship God, assuring them of what God can do at such moment even as you all are expecting “YOUR GUEST” to arrive but you must have scriptures to back-up your points. We live in an era where the church is gradually socialising spiritual things to align with secular settings for events while loosing touch with the spiritual, to be organised in church or as a church to me will mean to be spiritual ready and physically aligned to achieve the aim of our gathering.

Jesus becomes our entry point, central point and destination. Everything about that service centers on him and does not in
anyway make us of less value because his focus is on us when we focus on him so what he has through grace is transmitted while we become recipients of his blessing. True organisation in church actually stems out of our awareness of his presence with us, it influences everything we do- ushering, praying, fasting, praise, worship, preaching, announcement etc, even the way we see and receive people.

True worship uncovers his grace to work in/through and with us into realms our imagination cannot fathom.



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