You are Free

Brothers and Sisters in Christ in this Season of Easter…
What a Season and what an awesome reminder of the finished work of Christ on the Cross of Calvary over two thousand years ago!


Jesus’ crucifixion and subsequent death on the Cross led to the bodies of the saints who were long dead being raised back to life.
Matthew 27:50–53 reads:
“…Jesus cried out again in a loud voice, He gave up His Spirit. At that moment…the TOMBS BROKE OPEN and the bodies of many saints who had died were RAISED TO LIFE. They came out of the tombs and after Jesus’ resurrection they went into the holy City and APPEARED TO MANY people”.

By the power and authority in the infallible word of God, and in the matchless name of Jesus Christ; I command every tomb where your divine heritage has been buried (hidden) to break open right now and this Season even as we celebrate the glorious death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in Jesus’ Name.

May every good thing the enemy has stolen and subsequently buried in your life be raised back to life in Jesus name!

The Bible says, “…when those dead saints were brought back to life, they went into the holy City and appeared to many people” – They were seen by many…
I declared this day that, by the reason of God’s uncommon restoration that shall be brought upon your life, men shall see you and God’s favour upon your life and attest to that fact, because it shall be evident for all to see.

Swim in Continuous Favour
Walk ye in Uncommon restoration
Enjoy Conspicuous Divine Visitation
Flow in contagious Divine Presence… such that every one that comes in contact with you will feel, see, touch and contact the power and the grace of God upon your life.

That text from Matthew 27:50-53 says “the tombs broke open” giving up their dead!
I command every dead and ‘buried’ (given-up) womb to receive life and be open right now in Jesus’ Name. Doctors might have ‘buried’ (written off) that womb, telling you that you will never be able to procreate, but I speak to that womb right now; receive life and begin to bear fruits in Jesus name.
Conceive and give birth to children in Jesus name.
I command every dead/difficult financial situation to receive a divine touch from Heaven in Jesus’ Name.
Hey! By the wounds Jesus sustained on the Cross, we are healed! I therefore, speak to every cancerous tumor and command it/them to fall off your body in Jesus’ Name…
Be healed of cancer… I set you free from the oppression of cancer in Jesus’ Name. I curse cancer out of your body in Jesus’ Name!
I dissolve fibroid out your bodies by the healing anointing in the Name of Jesus!
For those with the horrible disease of leprosy; I proclaim and declare you cleansed of leprosy in Jesus name!
For those being oppressed and afflicted by other forms of sicknesses and diseases, I speak life and healing to your bodies RIGHT NOW in Jesus name. I say to you, You are healed in Jesus name.
I release the supernatural Power of God that raised Jesus from the dead into your body that it will quicken your mortal bodies in Jesus name!
I speak to those in wheelchair and crutches; arise from that wheelchair and begin to walk perfectly in Jesus’ Name! Be free from the use of crutches in Jesus’ Name. I speak life and healing to your broken and disjointed bones and joints in Jesus’ Name. Arise and walk in the name of Jesus!
Like those risen saints, go into the city and let men see the healing power of God that has been brought upon your life.
I speak to every stormy marriage; Let the troubled water be calmed in Jesus name!
I speak to dead dreams and visions; receive life in Jesus name!
I pray for families with rebellious and ‘prodigal’ child/children; May your child/children be restored and transformed by the loving Hand of Abba Father that that will never let that child go again in Jesus name!
I speak to all those oppressed by the forces of evil; be liberated in Jesus’ Name. Jesus came to set the captives free and I set you free right now in the liberating Name of Jesus Christ!
I speak to those in prison (both physical and spiritual); may the mercy and grace of God cause such prison doors to be opened –resulting in your freedom in Jesus name.
For those with skin infection(s); I proclaim your healing in the Name of Jesus! That ‘Pharaoh’ of skin disease you see today, you will from now on see no more in Jesus name.
I destroy every work of the enemy in your life and over your life and family in the Name of Jesus Christ.
“…For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil” (1John 3:8b ).
The Bible says: “If the Son [Jesus] therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (John 8:36 ).
I proclaim you liberated….free and free indeed in Jesus name.
Free from debt…
free from cancer…
free from bad habits…
free to live and not die…
free to give birth to children…
free from sickness and diseases…
free from demonic oppression…
free from financial struggles…
free from ALL oppression of the devil…
Free to God’s glory in Jesus name.
Happy EASTER!…HAPPY Resurrection!!…


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