Love is

With the clover and grasses knee-deep, he hired a neighborhood business kid to mow his acre. Cash money was paid for the boy’s labour, shoving a high-wheeler under a “dry season” sun, while the landowner sipped beer in the shade. It was a commercial deal. The boy did the work; the man paid the money. That boy was a determined entrepreneur. He also had a dozen lobster traps he hauled, and a side business selling painted lobster buoys to tourists. All summer that boy exchanged his labour and goods for what he really wanted – a savings account. He was a merchant and a good one. A commercial spirit at such a young age pointed to a prosperous future for him. This was and is good business.

For a prosperous afterlife, for a heavenly savings account, the opposite is true. To receive from God one must give through love without assurance of reward. If we give and love just to gain from God, then we misunderstand. God promises gravy up to an hundredfold but wanting the gravy amounts to selfishness, when what God wants is selflessness. Expect and ask for nothing in return for your good works of service; only then will the treasure of heaven pile up. What is the treasure of heaven? Love given and love gathered. Many people nowadays are only trying to bargain with God, or do good works because of what they would gain from them, or should I say they are trying to buy God’s favour? Of course buying favour from God will be impossible. Let’s take a clue from God, He gave selflessly. He gave is ONLY begotten son.
Love is the treasure of heaven.

Matthew 6:20
1 John 4:8
Mark 4:8, 20


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