Love in the Morning

As a Christian right or wrong — there are expectations of behavior, even at dawn. I am not talking about how Christian men, mostly the clergy are presented on TV as up-tight, stuff-shirted, ignorant, bumbling milksops with a penchant for bad haircuts. I am talking about how people, even people who call me “Man of God” or brother, reasonably expect me to be a loving person, even before what I considered as bad. One way to approach this is to practice a silent form of invisible prayer. I learned about this prayer at a workshop. It is simple and it works.

The First Letter of John says that God is Love. Take the word love, and for every one you meet, instead of saying their name in your mind, name them Love. When you see your husband, or wife, or lover, first thing in the morning, say to yourself, Love. Try it with your kids, your obnoxious neighbor, your boss, your employees, or co-workers. Instead of cussing the idiot who cuts you off, say Love. Try it silently for one day and tell no one. After all, it is not about them; it is about you.


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