Ordinarily when you see a man with stones and a fling (catapult) what comes to your mind is that he is probably after birds and smaller ground animals but NO! I understand better now that when God is involved in your life, those stones and fling is all he will use to bring down a national enemy like Goliath. Sometimes we think that to bring down a great thing is by using a great thing. That’s why you see so many people who started BIG end up in a small way and those who started small ends up in a big way. The mystery is this, God has packaged greatness in your smallness, your daily walk with Jesus unfolds it. While the world is looking at your smallness as a sign of incompetence, experience and probably a failure in progress, God is seeing a world changer in you, one that will feed the nations etc etc. The world depends on intelligence, God operate with his wisdom, his word, in the beginning was the word, not intelligence, that does not completely displace the power of the human brain (reasoning) from being active but I can boldly tell you that an intelligent will tell you that since Lazarus was dead for 4 days that already his corpse was eaten up by worms and his skeletons are just awaiting decay also. “Yes”medically true but the wisdom of God which is Jesus, says “let’s go and wake up Lazarus for he is sleeping” lol, sleeping? Yes sleeping. God made Adam to sleep but when he woke up, that was the end of his loneliness, in fact his own was called “DEEP SLEEP”. Listen! A couple I have known for over 17 years now welcomed their first baby(a set of twins) early this year after 20 years of marriage without a child. I learnt that they were involved in an accident few months after their wedding, which led to an operation on the the womb of the woman. As a result of the incident, have a child the natural way was not going to be possible and the next thing was “HOW COME?”. You think God is foolish? So don’t look down on yourself because the world calls you small and even if that may be true, thank God that relevance is in you for greatness.


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  1. Nice post. Feel free to share your posts, updates, tips, reviews, or products on Godinterest (the Pinterest for Christians)

    1. executiveson says:

      Thank you very much for the encouragement. How do I go about that?

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