Divine Access


Jesus said “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me”. There is an inbuilt instinct in a believer that enables him to know the exact voice of God. The truth is there are many sheep following the wrong shepherd and there are many good shepherd calling the wrong sheep. It’s very simple, a friend of mind 5 years ago while in school stayed with me for two years, slept on my bed, ate with me, prayed with me, talked with me, sang with me to a point where he was able to detect some of my thoughts before I could voice them out, he was already displaying the way I do things, my vocal tones.
I wasn’t really surprised  because there is power in association. So is it with your fellowship with him, it brings you to a point where you can “RECOGNISE” his voice, talk like him, reason like him, dress like him and follow him.
so I can tell you this that quality fellowship with God makes you recognise his voice easily for it is the voice of his word.
The phrase “My Sheep” depicts legal ownership over something, in other words, he has paid the price for your divine access through him to the father (GOD). Now “fellowshipping” and following are two distinct words; who you follow is a product of your fellowship with him and there are many who are merely walking with him based on assumption but don’t understand the fellowship of his suffering. Are you having the right man, mentor, counselor, pastor etc?


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