The Church and Backsliding 1

I like to watch football match although I don’t belong to any club but it touches my heart to see people cry, some dies, some fight or faint just because their team was defeated and you need see how they rejoice over a single goal, coming back with the cup (trophy) makes it more interesting.

However in Christianity today the case is different, when someone is fallen from faith do we rejoice over the fall or gets beaten equally? The church today is not just accepting sinners trusting God for their salvation but the church is also trusting God for power, faith and strategies on how to help the fallen ones to completely fall. They do the falling finishing touches for the devil in the name of discipline. But I keep asking myself this “WHO REALLY ARE THE FALLEN ONES”? The ones we have seen with our eyes or the ones we have not seen but vibrant within us as if they can give a spiritual weather forecast of the second coming of Jesus Christ? I believe this should be a moment for the church to re-fix her focus on the truth of God’s word.

Belonging to the happening Church in town without knowing Jesus won’t take you to anywhere, and belonging to the smallest church in the name of small beginning but criticising God’s increase on numerically mega churches still won’t take you anywhere if Jesus is not your personal Lord and Saviour. I have seen countless mothers who lost their sleep at night because their babies were sick and I have also seen countless churches who spend quality time to sleep at the peak fall of their members.

Our warfare is not carnal, we don’t have to wait for the fallen to decide, we have to show them the reason for their rising consistently (not just for us to be justified by God) but because we love them. How many of you are happy when somebody’s marriage has crashed, a young girl eventually gets pregnant who never gave in to any guy? How many of you are in discussing the fall of another person’s business etc? How then do we expect the government of our nations to be stabled and godly when the source of it all is at huge fault? Let’s use our words to build than complete the damages.


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