I keep asking myself why do people after receiving prophetic word or discover God’s promises in the Bible, they immediately try to fulfill it their own way, they leave the presence of God and ask people of their opinion concerning the prophecy. It’s insane and it is an act of ignorance, spiritual arrogance and pride that causes this and prevalently lack of trust on the integrity of God.
God is not joker of words, there are no idle words in him and he didn’t create you as toys to toil with.

In Luke chapter 1, the angel of God gave Mary a powerful prophecy that was beyond the power of a virgin, an ordinary woman, the summary of it was that she was going to be humanly instrumental to the fulfillment of the Messianic prophecy, in other words she will be the earthly mother of Jesus and the next question from Mary was “Em Mr angel, how shall this be seeing I KNOW NO MAN”….but friends MUST YOU KNOW A MAN BEFORE YOU FULFILL PROPHECY? That’s my own paraphrase but the angel said “no Mary, this will not involve the support of man but when the Holy spirit shall overshadow you, that holy seed shall be birth in you”
(That was the answer)….if you read further you will come to a place where the angel told her that with God nothing shall be impossible.
Do you know that in Mary’s time the angel told her she needed to be overshadowed by the Holy spirit etc but in your time you don’t just need to be overshadowed but the Holy spirit dwells in you? He lives in you , the very person that makes it possible for you to walk in the reality of your prophecy?
So why go to meet a native doctor for a charm for you to have favor in the embassy or try to bribe your way to promotion of which the Bible says that promotion does not come from the east or west etc but from the Lord?

He who told you about your future knows how to take you there; Mary was disturbed like you and me because the prophecy was greater than her mind so she asked how possible was that going to be, probably she thought okay may be when she is married to Joseph but the angel showed her the way out (THE HOLY SPIRIT).
A healthy walk with the Lord, growing in his word and believing what he says is just too good for you my dear because with him NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE.

What will be response when God says by this time tomorrow you shall be engaged and before December is over you will be a married person? It is possible for government to pay you your money this month, it is possible for your relationship to be restored with your spouse, it is possible for you to make it this very weekend.

He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it in you not outside you but IN YOU….this is one thing about God i so much love. He does it right inside of you. so long as the promise is yours, he is obliged and confine to doing it IN YOU, FOR YOU, WITH YOU, THROUGH YOU. Amazing


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