Comedy in Church

Its a pity some of the things we have allowed into the body of Christ globally in the name of finding amusement via comedy.

First of all let me recognise all the comedians in the world and thank them all for putting smiles on people’s face, every weekend families, government officials and people from different walks of life find their way to a summit of laughter, where they can learn.

However I am afraid to say that today’s comedy is gradually effecting people’s faith, its like most comedians these don’t only get their inspiration from the Bible but they twist it in an ungodly way and present it back to the Bible believing Christians in their very domain (church) making jest of God’s word while they watch God’s children laugh and throw themselves to the ground, I really want to ask how you my dear reader feels when someone is making fun of the holy spirit before you or twisting certain stories in the Bible to look funny like one of the comedians who told the church how he wished Adam and Eve didn’t eat the fruit so that the entire world will go Unclad for his viewing pleasure, yet the owners of the Bible (believers) sit down and laugh and cheering the comedian with all kinds of Intimate images in their minds in view of what has been said. Let’s be careful what we allow into the church for in the days of Jesus, he dealt with the very scribes and pharisees cos they were buying and selling in the temple, Jesus said “my father’s house was meant to be a place of prayers but ye have turned it to dens of thieves…”.

Before I have a wrong comment let me remind you again that I believe and respect comedians because it’s their profession but to some those using their profession to put a black controversial twist on one’s faith, you really need to be careful. There are some religions out there if you there make a joke with what they believe, they will hunt you down in the name of Holy war and fighting for their god, Christianity is not a religion, its life divine given to use freely by God that we might remain in constant fellowship with him. If God honours his word more than his name then why make mockery of his word, remember the opposite of comedy is T R A G E D Y.


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  1. executiveson says:

    I love comedy though

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