List of Villages in Oruk Anam LGA

Map of Oruk

Oruk Anam ( Coordinates: 4°49′0″N 7°39′0″E / 4.81667°N 7.65000°E)is a Local Government Area located in the South Western part of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. It is one of the eight Annang speaking local government areas. It was created from the former Abak Division.

It shares the same boundary with Ikot-Abasi/Mkpat-Enin (Ibibio speakers) by the south/east and Ukanafun (Anaang speakers) by the west. Its population according to the 2006 census is 172,000.[1] Its inhabitant are mostly farmers, craftmen and civil servants. The area is a major gateway to Port Harcourt and Aba as such there is lots of commercial activities along the major road points like Ekparakwa. The area hosts some government interest like the general hospital located in Ikot Okoro, police stations and schools.(Wikipedia)

Ndot District

Afaha Obo-Ikot Ito
Akapa Akpa Ewe
Ikot Akpa Inyang
Ikot Etim – Ibesit
Ikot Idem Udo
Ikot Ntuen
Ikot Obio Nsu
Ikot Osukpong
Ikot Ubo
Ikot Udo Idem
Ikot Ukpong Etor
Inen Abasi Atai
Inen Atan
Inen Ikot Obiom
Inen Ikot-Essien
Inen Nsai
Ndot Ikot-Eda
Ndon Ikot – Umo-Iden
Ndot Usung Idim
Nto Onio-Idang
Nto Udo Akpan
Nung Oku Ubo 1
Nung Oku Ubo II
Obio Ibiet Nkarika
Obio Ibiet Esa
Obio Ndot
Uruk Otong
Usung Itiat Ubor

Inen District

Etok Inen
Etok Nkwo
Ikot Akpaya
Ikot Eduep
Ikot Ekon
Ikot Ekpuk
Ikot Ese
Ikot Eteye
Ikot Etim
Ikot Ibram
Ikot Ndo
Ikot Obio Idang
Ikot Offiong
Nto Udo-Akpan
Oku Uruk

Obio Akpa District

Ata Essien Obio
Ata Obio Akpa
Aya Obio Akpa
Ikot Eka Ide
Ikot Idiaha
Ikot Ukpong Obiokpong
Ntak Obio Akpa
Ntenge Akana

Ibesit Nung Ikot District

Anwa Udo
Idung Ntuk Uma
Ikot Akama
Ikot Akpan Nsek
Ikot Akpan Udo
Ikot Iba
Ikot Idem
Ikot Ikpene
Ikot Ndo
Ikot Oku
Ikot Omono
Ikot Oto
Ikot Owuk
Ikot Udo Offiong
Ikot Udoro
Ikot Ukpong Obio
Itung Ekpip

Nung Ikot District

Nung Ikot Obiodo

Nung Ita District

Ikot Akpan
Ikot Essien
Ikot Inyang
Ikot Ntuk
Ikot Obio Enin Atai
Ikot Obio Enin-Udobia
Ikot Obio Nkan
Ikot Obio Oruk
Ikot Okoro

Ibesit District

Ata Ntak
Edem idim Ibesit
Ibesit Ekoi
Ikot Afanga
Ikot Akam
Ikot Akpam
Ikot Akpan Mbure
Ikot Esikan
Ikot Essien
Ikot Offiong
Ikot Oko Etok
Ikot Okpong
Ikot udo Aduak
Ikot udo Etok
Ntak Ibesit
Nto Adua
Uruk Enung
Uruk Obong

Ekparakwa District

Ediene Atai
Ediene Ikot-Ebom
Ika Annang
Ikot Akan
Ikot Akpa Osung
Ikot Akpan Eda
Ikot Eshiet
Ikot Inyang
Ikot Ntuen
Ikot Obong-Akan
Itung Ikot-Ndem
Mbon Ebre
Ukpom Edem Iyang

Abak/Midim District

Ediene Ikot Iyang
Ekot Ediene
Ikot Adia
Ikot Akpakpan
Ikot Akpan
Ikot Akpan Essien
Ikot Akpan Etedue
Ikot Akpan Ntia
Ikot Akpan Otuk
Ikot Akpan Udo
Ikot Eda
Ikot Esenam
Ikot Inuen
Ikot Mbong
Ikot Obio Asan
Ikot Obio Atara
Ikot Obio-Aduak
Ikot Oko
Ikot osute
Ikot Otok
Ikot Otu
Ikot Owobo
Ikot Ukpo
Ikot Ukpong-Obiose
Ikot Uso Etok
Ikot Utiat
Otung Aya
Uikot Ukpong Eren
Ute Ekuk
Utu Ikot Iwara
Utu Ikot Obio Ekpe


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