Natural Resources in Oruk Anam Local Government Area

Oruk Anam has common boundaries with Ukanafun and Abak in the North; in the South by Ikot Abasi; in the East by Mkpat Enin and in the West by Ukanafun and Imo River running through the borderline of Rivers and Abia States. It extends from approximately longitudes 70° 30` E and 70° 50` E and latitudes 4° 40` N and 5° OD` N.
Oruk Anam is one of the eight Annang speaking local government areas. It was created from the former Abak Division.

Natural Resources

Shell Nigeria, one of the major oil companies operating in the country, found oil in Otung Aya, Eka Ediene and Ikot Otu (Abak/Midim Clan). There are deposits of sandstones and gravels along the coastal and river plains of the area. Clay is also deposited in Inen Ikot Essien and Inen Abasi Atai (Ndot Clan), Ukpom Edem Inyang (Ekparakwa Clan) and Ikot Owuk (Ibesit Nung Ikot Clan). The area is naturally rich in agro-allied resources, e.g. palm oil and kernel, timber, cassava, banana, plantain, fruits and vegetables.


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