Usung Itiat Ubor Village- Travel information

Usung Itiat Village is a locality with Nigerian Postal Code (zip) number 533111 in Akwa Ibom state – Nigeria West Africa.


Travel information to Usung Itiat Ubor Village

Name of the Village: Usung Itiat Ubor Village
Postal Code : 533111
Coordinates: Not exactly known but within plus-minus 7meters from value below:
Latitude : 4.9898
Longitude : 7.7713
District : Ndot
Postal Code region 2 (Same as Local Government Area in some states : Oruk Anam
State in Nigeria : Akwa Ibom
Country : Nigeria
Continent : Africa
Places with the same postal code of 533111 as Usung Itiat Ubor Village in Oruk Anam  Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria are:
Afaha Obo-Ikot Ito, Akapa Akpa Ewe, Ibianga, Ikot Akpa Inyang, Ikot Etim – Ibesit, Ikot, Idem Udo, Ikot Ntuen, Ikot Obio Nsu, Ikot Osukpong, Ikot Ubo, Ikot Udo Idem, Ikot Ukpong Etor, Inen Abasi Atai, Inen Atan, Inen Ikot Obiom, Inen Ikot-Essien, Inen Nsai, Ito, Mbiakot, Ndo Ikot-Eda, Ndon Ikot – Umo-Iden, Ndot Usung Idim, Nto Onio-Idang, Nto Udo Akpan, Nung Oku Ubo 1,Nung Oku Ubo II, Obio Ebiet Nkanka, Obio Ibiet Esa, Obio Ndot, Uruk Otong


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