Usung Itiat Ubor

Usung Itiat Ubor is in Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State which lies on the South West of Akwa Ibom State. The Vilage is bounded by Ikot Etok Udo in the South, Etok Afaha and Nung Oku Ubor I in the North, Ikot Ebak in the East, Abak Ikot and Ukanafun Ikot Ekpat in the West. The village is located about 19 kilometres from Uyo, the State capital. It has a landmass of about 11 square kilometres with a population of over 800.

Usung Itiat Ubor is consist three families(Ekpuk) namely, Nto Afia, Nto Akpan Itor and Nto Awong. The people are generally Annang. They are reputed for their resourcefulness and highly mobilized for economic development and political integration within the State and the Nigerian federation. They have a common ancestral antecedence with relics of their ancestral heritage having an unparallel impact on the people by means of traditional songs, dances, beliefs and temperament.

Usung Itiat Ubor‘s rich cultural heritage is reflected through traditional dances such as Atad, Ekpo, Idiong, etc though majority are of the Christian faith.

Inspite of the advent of Western civilization and religion, there are some cultural institutions that still exist, such as Ekpo, Ekpe, and Idiong. The Idiong has been modernised into what people now regarded as “Prayer Houses”s where divination/future telling is common. The institutions were powerful instruments of traditional governance before they lost their relevance in the mid- nineteen century with the incursion of the European Missionaries to the hinterland.

Usung Itiat Ubor has no well recognised tourist site however there is a stream popularly know as “Idim Usung Itiat”, where fish and crop farming is very lucrative. Aside this, it is just a kilometer away from Abak Local Government Area where there are many private sector driven hospitality establishment, such as hotels, parks, gardens and clubs. many

Natural Resorces
Situated in the tropical rain forest, the soil support plantation and arable crops thereby supplying abundant palm produce, cassava and various vegetables. Usung Itiat Ubor also has a rich mineral deposits such as sand and gravel.

Indigene of Usung Itiat Ubor are predominantly farmers and sundry traders. Others are civil servants and politicians.


Abak Soup
This is prepared from oil palm fruit and leaves. This delicacy requires lots of condiments like, smoked fish, meat, seafood like periwinkle, stockfish, crayfish, pepper and salt. It could be served with boiled yam, plantain, foo-foo, pounded yam, garri or rice.

Afere Nkong
Otherwise known as Edikang Ikong, this is a soup of sliced pumpkin and water leaves with a rich variety of seafood and meat. Other important ingredients are smoked fish, crayfish, pepper, palm oil, meat, salt and little water. The food is served with garri or foo-foo (boiled cassava flour).

Afang Soup
This is a delicacy made from shredded Afang (Gnetum africana) and waterleaves or mmong mmong ikong (Talinum triangulare) which is very rich in vitamins. Other ingredients are smoked fish, meat, crayfish, salt, pepper, palm oil, and stockfish with little water. It could be served with foo-foo, pounded yam, garri (toasted cassava flour) etc.

Ekpang Nkukwo
Ekpang is a traditional luxury dish of the people of Usung Itiat Ubor and Akwa Ibomites in general. It is made from cocoyam, grated into balls and wrapped in special cocoyam leaves. Other ingredients added are pepper, salt, palm oil, crayfish, maggi, fish, periwinkle and other recipes.

Afere Ikon
Made from melon seed, bitter leaf (etidot) and waterleaves(Talinum triangulare) with fish, meat, stockfish, periwinkle and other soup ingredients.

Otong Afere Atike
This is a delicacy made from okra fruit and vegetable with fish, meat, periwinkle and other soup ingredient, served with Anyan ekpang, foo-foo, garri or pounded yam.

Anyan Ekpang
Is a form of foo-foo produced from cocoyam or cassava, wrapped in plantain leaves. It is served with Afere Abak. Among numerous others.

Afia Efere Ebot
It is a combination of spices used for traditional ceremonies. Goat meat, smoked fish and stockfish bring out the best of it.

Cassava Porridge (Asa Iwa)
This is grated cassava, wrapped in tender Cocoyam leaves and cooked in palm oil stew.

Water Yam Porridge (Oto Ebre)
Grated water yam is prepared with fish, crayfish and pepper. For this particular dish palm oil is not needed

Corn Porridge (Asa Akpakpa)
Is a product of grated corn, vegetable, fish, palm oil and other soup ingredients.

Cassava Snack (Edita Iwa)
Is an appetizer made from cassava tuber usually served with coconut, salted or fresh fish and pear

Peper Soup
It is peppered right up to the edge of being too spicy, but it never burns. It can be made with any type of meat, especially goat.

Coconut Rice (Elesi isip mbakara)
Is an appetizer made from cassava tuber usually served with coconut, salted or fresh fish and pear.

Imang( Ajen ikpifon)
It is made from cassava, fermented and grated into tiny balls. Other ingredients added are pumpkin leaves, pepper, salt, palm oil, crayfish, maggi, fish, periwinkle and other recipes.


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